D. Page

I cannot say enough wonderful things about the exceptional service and product we receive from Saucy Bottoms. We spend a lot of time on the road and Barbara and Andrew have been incredibly accommodating to our varied schedule and we are so happy to have such ease continuing to cloth diaper (and wipe!) wherever we may be staying. Even for a trip that was over two weeks, we had all of our needs taken care of and no hassle along the way. I had hoped to cloth diaper but wasn’t sure what kind of challenge it would be, between apartment living, travel, available time with a newborn and the financial investment with a child’s ever-changing needs. The discovery of Saucy Bottoms has taken care of all of that. The value of their product can’t be beat financially or otherwise. I am so pleased to be able to clothe my son in comfortable, non-toxic, quality-made, reusable diapers instead of the alternative. And to support local small business at the same time!