Kelly, Adam and Finley

We started with Saucy Bottoms when I was around 38 weeks pregnant and the service has been amazing the entire time. Initially, Barbara comes in and leaves a starter kit containing the bin, diapers, a few different covers, a snappy, wipes, fleece inserts and does a demo on how to fold and covers everything you need to know about cloth diapers. As new parents, we really enjoyed the personalized tutorial and learned a lot. It was fun practicing on some teddy bears and checking out all the cool designs.

When our son was born, we let them know his weight to ensure the correct diaper sizes and started service twice a week. It’s extremely easy, we just leave the bag outside the door and come home to a fresh one.

We’ve felt really taken care of with Saucy Bottoms, they’ve taken time to check-in as our son grows to make sure he gets new diaper sizes and covers according to weight, and have been flexible whenever we need to pause service when going on vacation.
Everything you need for diapering is provided, even wipes. I love the idea of not creating any waste. In the beginning we were going through 15-17 diaper changes a day, I can’t imagine how much garbage that would have created if we’d been doing disposable! They have a hanging bag as well if you want a space saving option instead of a bin.

I would highly recommend Saucy Bottoms based on our experience. It’s been awesome throughout our first year and they run a seamless operation.

Thanks for everything!

-Kelly, Adam and Finley