Saucy Policy

Diapers and Accessories Policy

Please use our cloth diapers only on your baby. If the diapers show stains, are torn or show wear from anything else then diapering your baby, there will be a replacement fee of $15.

The wraps are your responsibility to keep clean. When they are ready to be returned, please return in clean, good condition. Do not soak or wash wraps with hot water. It will destroy the waterproof layer.

One Snappi is given inclusive with the service. In case of breakage, any subsequent Snappis will have to be purchased.

Cancellation and Refunds

You can cancel the service with Saucy Bottoms at any time, however we will require 1 weeks’ paid notice. We ask that you return all cloth diapers and accessories that you received with the service in good condition. You are responsible for any cost incurred on unreturned items. Diapers that are returned in such a condition that they need to be discarded of have a replacement fee of $15 each.

Saucy Bottoms has the right to cancel the service with you at any time if you are unable to fulfill your obligations.

If you are cancelling without 1 weeks notice then we are unable to give a refund for the period paid.

If you have received a gift certificate and are not using it, either fully or partially, a partial refund is given to the person who purchased the gift certificate unless there is consent that the monies can go to you.

If you decide not to use the service after your baby(ies) are born and you do not notify us after 2 weeks, a “holding fee” will be applied to your account.

Vacation Policy

When you go on vacation, please give us at least one week notice so that we can arrange pick up at the appropriate time.

You can suspend the service during vacation time, however we are unable to give refunds for weekend trips or vacation time up to a week. If you go oversees or go for more than one week and you are paying in advance then you may have a refund.

Payment Method and NSF Policy

You may pay by cheque, cash, -transfer, credit card, paypal or square.   Please note that if you pay with credit card, paypal or square there is a small  fee of 3.4%  That fee is incorporated into the invoice by 4 weeks minus one day. Bounced cheques and bounced debit payments have a NSF fee of $5.

Diaper Creams and Solids Policy

Once baby starts on solid foods, we ask that you use a biodegradable liner to help deposit the solids into the toilet.

If you need to use diaper rash creams, please use fleece liners provided with the service to protect the diaper. Diaper rash creams stain cloth diapers and create a waterproof layer, which prevents the diaper from soaking up liquid. Any signs of creams on cloth diapers will result in a replacement fee of $15.