How to use wipes, fleece and snappi

In this video I am showing you how to use wipes, fleece liners and snappi on your baby.

Using lots of water, wipe away  any residual dirt or ammonia off your baby’s skin and pat dry with another wipe or towel.  Then you fold your diaper underneath baby and place a fleece liner on top of the diaper.  The fleece liners come in three sizes each to the respective size of diaper, small, medium and large.  The snappi is designed to hold the pre-fold diaper in place and prevent it from shifting when baby moves around.  It is a 3 way hook that hooks into the fabric, stretch it from one side to the other and then in the middle.  They come in two sizes.  Size 1 0-18 months and size 2 18-36 months.

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