How to put a cloth diaper on your child

In this clip we are showing you the process of diapering your baby with everything that you will need and is supplied with the service.

You will have diapers, wraps, fleece liners, snappi and wipes.  First, you clean your baby’s skin with lots of water and then pat baby dry.  We recommend that you use the wipes with every change to clean away any residual ammonia to avoid diaper rash.  Slide your prepared diaper underneath baby.  Having everything prepared beforehand may make it a bit easier if you have a squirmy, wriggely one. Wrap diaper around baby, secure with snappi and wrap cover around.  Make sure all diaper is inside the cover to avoid leaking, it sits snug and there is about 2 finger width of space in the front.  Now baby will be happy for another hour.

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