How to fold pre-folds two different ways

In this video we show you two folds for the different size of diapers we offer with our service.

The newborn size diaper will already be folded for you, however we are showing you the fold because it grows with the baby and you may have to re-fold to make it fit for baby. Fold it over once horizontally in the front, depending on your baby’s size.  Fold over vertically 1/3  to the stich line on the right. Open up the pocket you created on the left and fold over from the right securing it inside the pocket. Open up the diaper like a fan and slide the diaper underneath baby.  Fold the diaper around the baby.  Make sure the side fits around the hips meeting up with the front and slightly overlaps.  If it doesn’t, the diaper is too small and baby is ready for next size up.

The infant and baby size diaper can be folded differently to avoid a lot of bulk.  Fold the diaper horizontally in the back, depending on baby’s size and slide underneath baby. Fold vertically from both sides towards the front into a cone shape and fold around baby.  Slide a finger into the front of the diaper to fan out so that it can meet up with the sides, slightly overlapping.  Secure with a snappi and place wrap around. 

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