A little bit about us.


My name is Rose and I’m a working mom with a passion for helping you make your child’s diaper years the healthiest, safest and most hassle-free experience possible.

Our Family

Saucy Bottoms was conceived one day in the midst of a diaper change.  With a son whose “saucy bum” constantly needed changing, I thought to myself, “there’s got to be a better way…”.

As most inspirations do, I took my thought and started to build the dream.  As a family we were committed to cloth diapers, and this meant extra work and time while caring for a baby…

Andrew, my husband, thought a cloth diaper service would be a great way to help families with cloth diapering, providing them with everything  essential to diaper a baby without having to go to the store and at the same time helping a bit to save the environment.  He offered to be the delivery driver and help where help is needed.

And then there is Sawyer, no longer a saucy baby but a lively bundle of energy who loves babies and wants to embrace them all with his tender hugs.  He has fully integrated into our “operation” by helping enthusiastically with deliveries, diapers and attaching smiley faces to emails.

Every day we advocate for cloth diapers and inspire families to choose an alternative to disposable diapers through education and visual learning.

We feel accomplished when you tell us how easy cloth diapering is, you use them everywhere and how convenient it is to have everything delivered to your doorstep.